Write ‘HELLO WORLD’ in 25 different Programming Language

Printing ‘Hello World’ is the most famous program. It is the first example in nearly every programming language for every programmer. Traditionally, it’s the first program developers use to test systems. For programmers, seeing the two words on the screen means their code can compile, load, run and they can see the output.

Programming Languages

In this article, Let’s talk about how to write HELLO WORLD program in 25 different programming languages. You’ll also know the difficulty and simplicity of these programming languages after looking at their syntax.


int main(void)
puts(“Hello, world!”);


int main()
std::cout << “Hello, world!”;
return 0;


using System;
class Program
public static void Main(string[] args)
Console.WriteLine(“Hello, world!”);


import javax.swing.JFrame; //Importing class JFrame
import javax.swing.JLabel; //Importing class JLabel
public class HelloWorld {
public static void main(String[] args) {
JFrame frame = new JFrame(); //Creating frame
frame.setTitle(“Hi!”); //Setting title frame
frame.add(new JLabel(“Hello, world!”));//Adding text to frame
frame.pack(); //Setting size to smallest
frame.setLocationRelativeTo(null); //Centering frame
frame.setVisible(true); //Showing frame

5. JavaScript 

document.write(‘Hello, world!’);


print “Hello, world!”

7. Pascal Codes

program HelloWorld;
WriteLn(‘Hello, world!’);

8. Ruby

puts “Hello, world!”

9. Visual Basic .NET

Module Module1
Sub Main()
Console.WriteLine(“Hello, world!”)
End Sub
End Module

10. MatLab

disp (‘Hello, world!’)

11. Swift

println(“Hello, world!”)

12. jQuery

$(“body”).append(“Hello world!”);

13. Bash

echo “Hello World”

14. Perl 5

print “Hello, world!”;

15. Basic

PRINT “Hello, world!”

16. Objective-C

int main(void)
NSLog(@”Hello, world!”);
return 0;

17. XSLT

Hello World

18. CoffeeScript

console.log ‘Hello, world!’

19. Logo

print [Hello, world!]

20. VBScript

MsgBox “Hello, World!”

21. Clipper

? “Hello World”

22. Delphi

program HelloWorld;
Writeln(‘Hello, world!’);

23. Julia

println(“Hello world!”)

24. Processing

void setup(){
println(“Hello, world!”);

25. R

cat(‘Hello, world!’)

Hope you like this post, please comment your favorite programming language on comment section.

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