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New research digs into how augmented reality affects people’s behavior—in both the physical world and a digitally enhanced one.

Researchers found that after people had an experience in augmented reality (AR)—which goggles that layer computer-generated content onto real-world environments simulated—their interactions in their physical world changed as well, even when they weren’t wearing the AR device. For example, people avoided sitting on a chair they had just seen a virtual person sit on. AFTER AUGMENTED REALITY, THE VIRTUAL WORLD …

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Researchers have created a prototype “computer-on-a-chip.”

The prototype’s data processing and memory circuits use less than a tenth as much electricity as any comparable electronic device. And yet despite its size, researchers designed it to perform many advanced computing feats. Electronic computing was born in the form of massive machines in air-conditioned rooms, migrated to desktops and laptops, and lives today in tiny devices like watches …

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