Once Google Chrome’s user click on lookalike links, observe it’s new feature

Google is apparently testing a function with a view to alert users on every occasion they input an wrong URL, but greater importantly, click on a lookalike URL. Phishing is a large hassle on the INTERNET, and this is a clever manner to help users from getting scammed.

Phishing Process through Google Chrome

The feature became apparently found inside the most recent Google Canary 70, the test model of Google Chrome. Canary or Nightly builds of chrome are where Google assessments out upcoming capabilities and certainly one of them consists of the capacity to flag urls. With the intention to prompt the function, all you need to do is paste the subsequent code in the address bar

chrome://flags/#enable-lookalike-url-navigation-suggestions” followed by selecting “enable” from the corresponding drop-down menu. As soon as enabled, the function will throw up indicators each time you input a misspelt URL. Greater importantly, in case you by chance turn out to be clicking on a lookalike hyper-link whose sole reason can be to put in malicious code on your gadget.

The feature will be available on Chrome for Windows, MacOS and Linux, but is not available on Chrome for Android or iOS, which is surprising as the need for a feature like this is just as important (if not more) on mobile. Of course, safety begins first with the user, so never ever click on links that you don’t recognise, especially from sources you do not know.

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