How To Group Multiple shapes in MS Office Word Fast

You might have come across the grouping of shapes in office word. You might also have been fed up clicking one by shapes in order to group those. Grouping basically allows you to act multiple shapes as one which you may need in order to change size, move multiple shapes etc. at once. It also lets your shapes position undisturbed/intact even if you make changes to page layout, paragraph spacing etc.

Here, I am going to help you in grouping the fastest way. First go to the home tab on the top left and under the Home tab on the right top you can see Select tab. Once you click Select tab you can see select objects. Click the Select Object tab and then drag your mouse from the top left of the area you wish to group to bottom right of the same. Once you do this, all the shapes in this area should be selected and simply right click on any shape and under Grouping button you can click the Group button.

Note: If some background shapes are left ungrouped further group the grouped part to the ungrouped one using the ctrl + left mouse click. You might easily reveal the ungrouped shape by pulling the grouped one little farther.

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