Researchers have created a new testing ground for Quantum Systems

The new method could potentially pave the way for advances in spintronics using Mini Quantum Collider. Spin transport electronics have the potential to revolutionize electronic devices as we know them, especially when it comes to computing. While standard electronics use an electron’s charge to encode information, spintronic devices rely on another intrinsic property of the electron: its spin. Spintronics could …

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Researchers have discovered a better way to fabricate atom-thin computer processors

The discovery could have far-reaching impacts on nanoscale chip production and in labs across the globe where scientists are exploring 2D materials for ever-smaller and -faster semiconductors. The researchers demonstrate that lithography using a probe heated above 100 degrees Celsius (212 F) outperformed standard methods for fabricating metal electrodes on 2D semiconductors such as molybdenum disulfide (MoS₂). Such transitional metals …

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2,000-year-old Winery determined in egypt’s nile delta

Archaeologists recently uncovered historical garage rooms in a 2,000-12 months-vintage Winery, at a website in egypt’s nile delta to the north of cairo. Inside these rooms — which seemed to be climate-controlled for retaining wine — archaeologists also discovered cash, pots utilized in winemaking and other pottery objects, stated officers with the ministry of antiquities for the arab republic of …

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