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NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Mission named “Touch the Sun” launched

After decades of scientific brainstorming and years of construction, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is safely on its way to flying seven times closer to the sun than any mission has before. Parker Solar Probe is the fourth mission for NASA’s Launch Services Program (LSP) this year. LSP is responsible for launch service acquisition, integration, analysis and launch management for …

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New Prediction : Bitcoin Price Will Be at $500,000 in 2030

Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency on the scene is the largest and the most valuable among all. Bitcoin boasts of having a massive network with the highest hashing power and a significantly large community compared to hundreds of altcoins that followed. The leading digital currency has been exhibiting a strong positive price trend, hovering around $1200 …

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InterBot – World’s first bot-to-bot communication platform

US-based bot platform Gupshup launched InterBot, a bot-to-bot communication platform to enable them transact, co-ordinate, compete, collaborate and negotiate with each other. Touted as the world’s first, Interbot communications enable different kinds of bots, such as shopping bots to negotiate with merchant bots to find the best prices. The platform enable different kinds of bots, such …

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China’s first humanoid robot appears to be strikingly real with black hair

China’s first humanoid robot “Jia Jia” can hold a simple conversation and make specific facial expressions when asked, and her creator believes the eerily life-like robot heralds a future of cyborg labour in China. Billed as China’s first human-like robot, Jia Jia was first trotted out last year by a team of engineers at the University …

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Researchers discovered a faster and more efficient legged robots walking on flat ground using tripod

Effecting a breakthrough in making insect-inspired robots run faster, Swiss researchers, led by an Indian-origin scientist, have found a new way by which six-legged insects increase their walking speed. Six-legged insects run fastest using a three-legged, or “tripod” gait where they have three legs on the ground at all times — two on one side of …

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Gates believes robots should pay taxes on par with humans

Robots that steal human jobs should pay taxes, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates has said. ”Certainly there will be taxes that relate to automation. Right now, the human worker who does, say, $50,000 worth of work in a factory, that income is taxed and you get income tax, social security tax, all those things,” Gates told Quartz website. “If a …

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